[Tutorial]How create a game in Gamifica.Me

Today we’ve released the first open beta of Gamifica.Me, we’re going to explain how to create your first game in Gamifica.Me

  1. Sign Up: Fill the fields, and then you will recieve an email for confirming your account. Then you will have access to Gamifica.Me (In this moment Facebook Login doesn’t work, we are working in this issue).
  2. After activate your account, we enter into Gamifica.Me and in the top of the screen, if we make click on our Nick we will see the following:CreateGame
  3. Now click on Create Game this is screen for creating a game where we’ve to write the name and a description of our game. The switchs are for making your game private, or make them hidden (Only recommended for webs or apps that uses Gamifica.Me’s API), we can also allow users invite others play our game.


Finally we would like to remember you that we are in BETA, so if you find fails or have suggestions please tell us using Ask Gamifica.Me  or by twitter@gamificaMe.

 Eliseo Martín Mora
Gamifica.Me’s Manager


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