[Tutorial] Configure points in your game

The last day we saw how create your first game in Gamifica.Me, today we’re going to see how configure points and assign points in your game. So you’ll have the maximun flexibility in your game design. After creating a game you will be able to enter in the Configuration Screen, for this you can enter from the Game Profile clicking in the “Configure” button.


Then now we’re in the Game Configuration Screen, where  we’ll be able to configure a lot of features of our game, but in this tutorial we’re going to talk only about configure points in your game. We’ll upload more tutorials with the other option.

Inside this screen we have to go to the last option called  “Game Mechanics”, in this section we’ve have two options:


Now we click on Points and a window will open inside our website with different options for the setup of the points of our game. The first step it’s creating the type points we can create so many points as we need, we can make global points or segment the points by abilities or works to develop.


Other way, it’s creating “normal” points and “counter” points, when someone do an action we will give him +1 “count point” and “+x normal points”, so we can control how many times someone has done the action and use this number for the conditions of achievements or levels.


Setup of the points

It’s very simple creating points, in the section “Types” we have to field the field Name and description (optional), after that we  will click on the green button with an “V”.



We created two type of points, as you can see:



If we want or need edit the “Puntos A” that we’ve created, we will click on the pencil  (), if we need delete the points we’ve to click on the red X () and finally if we want to reset the points we click in the reset button () (all players have 0 points)

After we’ve created the points, now we will be able to create Levels, LeadersBoards and a graph of the game.

Setup of Levels

The configuration of the levels it’s similar to the point’s configuration, we’ve to write the name of the level and the minimum quantity of points we want for that level, we can select the type level in the list.



Again we can edit or delete levels using the pencil or the red “X”.

Setting up the leaderboard and the graph

Here we’ve the two last features of Points configuration, the leaderboard or classification where we can select a number of player that will be shown in the classification, the type of points used for generate the clasification and the period of time in which the classification starts. We can make a classification that shows the results of the last week, month, year or from the start of the game (Historical)



The Graph works in a similar way to the Leaderboard, you can choose two types, the “spider style” graph you can select points which will be chosen to set the graphic, getting a graphic of abilities so showy, for example:



Giving points

Now that we had adjusted entire points system, we would give points to our players when they execute certain actions, so we would go to game’s Configuration, at first option we have “Reward” here we click on “Points” and this will open a new window.


At new screen you choose the player who you want to give points (also you can search it typing he’s/she’s nick), after selecting him, type how many points you want to assign that player and what kind of points, click “Assign Points”, you will be informed for the status of the assignment



In this video you can see how to create an spider graph and assign points.

This is all in our tutorial about configuring points and giving points i our game, I hope you can make your progress and create you own games. I would like to remember that we’re in Beta and we’ll update the app in the following weeks. I you find bugs, suggestions or anything you can contact us (Twitter, Facebook, Ask Gamifica.Me o Email).

 Eliseo Martín Mora
Gamifica.Me’s Manager


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